Directx 11 (10) benchmark - comparison with Windows server STD 2008's directx 10

I am trying out both the beta of Windows 7 (build 7000) and release of Windows server 2008 (standard edition). Since it is on the same machine, naturally benchmark comparison was possible and made sense.

Specs :
Windows 7 - Installed on a defragmented 40gig logical partition of 7200SATA disk, which still has other stuff and has 12 gigs free. Regular install, default drivers for sound (doesn't matter in this case).

Windows server 2008 - Installed on a defragmented 20gig primary partition of same disk, which has 5 gigs free. Regular install, Google's drivers for sound (again, doesn't matter in this case).

PC config :
Pentium D 820 (2.8GHz) (I know it is crappy... not a gamer's processor and all, but that's what I've got)
Intel 946GZIS mobo (PCIE 16x), 667MHz FSB.
2Gig (dual channel) RAM.
NVidia 8800GS, factory OC at 650MHz/mem 950MHz, a dx10 card.
Driver version 181.20 (used the same binary on both installations).
(again, that's a budget card; but it is sufficient for me)

3DMark Vantage settings - res 1280x1024, no AA
everything else Extreme, all tests were conducted.

Windows 7 (dx11)
GPU score = 4337.75
CPU score = 17495.47
3DMarks = 5342.16

Windows server 2008 std (dx10)
GPU score = 3975.24
CPU score = 17995.19
3DMarks = 0 (!!)

The demos visually ran faster on DX11 (though I do not have the FPS numbers at the moment).

The GPU scores for DX11 show 9.1% improvement over DX10. In all, windows 7 definitely is worth giving a try IMO (provided I can afford it OR my school has MSDNAA agreement for it). It has other cool 'features' too, of which I doubt the usefulness.

Please drop a comment if you have any suggestions; since as you can see, I am new to graphics benchmarks :)

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