NVidia PhysX - Driver update

With the updated NVidia forceware driver version 178.13, my cheap little GeForce 8800GS (OC'd) started supporting NVidia PhysX. Tech demos from NVidia, like 'The Great Kulu' and the demo game 'Warmonger' work just awesome. Physics unlike any I had ever seen on my machine! It is a big big plus over CPU physics.

Can't wait to play some interesting game which uses Nvidia PhysX for a better gameplay and effects!

The driver update also claims ~10% boost in performance - which is evident when playing "Assisin's Creed (DX10)" :)

Even the Linux driver version 177.80 has numerous improvements wrt. kde4 rendering. Makes me even more happier :D

--update Crazy machines 2 by FAKT uses PhysX. Can't wait to play it !

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